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Here are some of the lanyards I made.







USA Flag


The Package Tour

Got back from the package tour about an hour ago. It was an amazing concert. The best I’ve ever been to.

First they showed a video of each member of Boyz II Men followed by info about them like being the best selling R&B group, how many awards they got, and how many albums sold. Then they came out and sang the following songs:

On Bended Knees
Water Runs Dry
I’ll Make Love to You—Gave roses to girls in front rows
It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
End of the Road
Motown Philly

Second they showed a video showing each member of 98 Degrees followed by each album they released. Then they came out and sang the following songs:

Heat It Up
Girls Night Out
Invisible Man
My Everything—They went into audience and got 4 girls and serenaded them on stage
I Do (Cherish You)
Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)
Because of You

Last, but not least, they showed a video with words that Donnie says that we have to repeat. Then they came out and sang the following songs:

We Own Tonight
Block Party
The Right Stuff
The Whisper
Survive You—Jon Knight sang his solo part
Didn’t I Blow Your Mind / Valentine Girl / If You Go Away / Please Don’t Go Girl
Remix (I Like The)
Dead or Alive—played with instruments by band members
Single—Donnie kisses / French kisses a girl
Baby I Believe in You
Tender Love—Jordan solo song
I’ll Be There—Jackson Five song that Joe sang in the 80s; he sang it here
Click Click Click
Faith / Kiss / Hot In Here
Dirty Dancing
Step By Step
Cover Girl

Vanilla Ice came out and sang Ice Ice Baby and Play That Funky Music

Joe starts dancing in the spinning middle of stage. Donnie and Jordan both have camcorders and take videos of the audience.

NKOTB finish up by singing:
I’ll Be Loving You Forever
Hangin’ Tough / We Will Rock You

Lanyard Bracelets and Designs

I was searching online for Kumihimo patterns when I came upon this site that had Kumihimo patterns. The site also had lanyard patterns. There was one that was called double twist. It had a picture of it and a link to the instructions. I wanted to make this bracelet so I clicked the link for the instructions. The instructions were wrong. They were for another pattern. I decided to look for the pattern online. I came upon a site that had many bracelet patterns and design patterns. I decided to do two of the bracelet patterns and one of the design pattern. I did the Chinese staircase bracelet and the heart design. I’ll take pictures later today and post when I have the time. I am in the process of making the double twist bracelet. I’ll take a picture and post when done.

I also came upon these videos on YouTube on how to do different designs. I saw one for the USA Flag which I’m in the process of doing and will post a picture when done. I also found a video for making a cross so I made one and will post a picture of it. There was also a video that showed different cross designs so I did a google search for lanyard cross and found a site. The site had pictures of different cross patterns. I finished one and am in the process of making 3 more based on the pictures. I’ll post those. When these are all done I’ll get back to finishing my kumihimo bracelets.

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