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General Story Details
Title: A Passion of the Heart
Author: capncrunkjrt17

Characters: Lance Bass
Summary: Alicia has a deep passion for music and is most happiest when she's belting out her feelings into a song with her 3 best friends. Her father is the only reason she's been kept from her dream. He'd rather see her get to Harvard and become a famous lawyer than live her dreams. When she meets Lance by chance when his girlfriend cheats on him, everything changes. After being with him for only such a short time she finds all her dreams comming true in him, but questions occur. She has a feeling he's keeping a secret about a huge part of his life from her. What is he not telling her?

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13

Length Date
Chapters: 4 Posted: November 12, 2010
Completed?: No

1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. Chapter 3
4. Chapter 4