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I Love…

Georgina of HeartDrops.org came up with a project called The “I Love” Project. I first heard about this when I was reading a blog posted by Vanessa of Previous Days. The idea of this project was to “write a blog post or a poem, a story – whatever tickles your fancy – about what you love.” I have decided to try this out and write about why I love the bands/boy bands New Kids on the Block and *N Sync and my love for Justin Timberlake.

It all started with New Kids on the Block. I don’t really remember how my love for them started. I remember I was 6 years old and at a Sam Goody’s store with my mom. I saw the New Kids on the Block album at the store and bought it. It was the very first music I’ve ever owned. I don’t know what prompted me to buy that music. I listened to it and just fell in love with it. From then on I was buying all their music, DVDs, towel, drinking cups, bed sheets/comforter, books, posters, etc. I was a little girl becoming obsessed with a music group. I was too young at the time and didn’t know much about concerts so I didn’t go to any. Also at the age of 6 I had my first crush, Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block. When they broke up in 1994 it crushed my little heart. I thought I would never love another band/boy band again the way I loved them.

Then came *N Sync. One July 4th I was at Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my mom and her boyfriend. It was either 1997 or 1998. I can’t remember. Almost 3/4 of the channels on the TV were the Disney Channel. They were showing the Disney In Concert performance of *N Sync. I watched it one time and liked what I saw. They kept showing it everyday and several times a day. I started watching it at least once a day while we were there. Then back home they were playing I Want You Back on the radios. I was like isn’t that *N Sync, the ones I saw at the Disney In Concert special I watched in Disney World. In deed it was. I went out and bought the *N Sync album because I liked the song I Want You Back. The album was a cassette and the box the cassette was in was shaped liked a cigarette box. You actually open it like you do with a cigarette box and then you take out the cassette like you do with a cigarette. Anyways, I listened to the whole album and became obsessed with *N Sync. I thought this would never happen ever since New Kids on the Block broke up and my whole world came crashing down. I started buying everything of *N Sync from their albums, books, magazines with either them on the cover or an article inside, t-shirts, posters, etc. I even went to Best Buy each week just to buy each bobblehead. They only came out with one member each week for 5 weeks. To this day I still have those bobbleheads. I went to my first concert in 2000. It was *N Sync’s No Strings Attached tour. Since this was my first concert I didn’t know what to expect. The whole concert was amazing. There were lots of lights and special effects. The second concert I went to was in 2002. It was for *N Sync’s Pop Odyssey tour. Back in 1998 when I first started liking *N Sync I was in high school (an all girls school). Everyone at that school, in my grade level, whether my friends or not knew I liked *N Sync. I had pictures of them all over the inside of my lockers.

I don’t remember when but one day I fell in love with Justin Timberlake of *N Sync. I became obsessed with him just as much as *N Sync. I always had this fantasy that I would someday marry him. My mom even made me this huge collage of all of Justin Timberlake pictures that she collected from various magazines. She spent many months collecting all the pictures, then spent one whole night (up until late) putting it together, and then in the morning gave it to me as a birthday present. The thing is still hanging on the wall in my bedroom. In 2002, Justin Timberlake decided to go solo and *N Sync decided to take a break. They were to return in about 6 months to create another album but instead broke up for good. Now my heart was crushed again. I wouldn’t say it was totally crushed this time. I say this because Justin Timberlake had decided to continue his solo career and released a solo album entitled Justified. At least I still had him, even if I didn’t have *N Sync anymore. I was in college by the time *N Sync broke up and Justin went solo. At this time my whole world revolved around Justin. Then Justin released a second album entitled FutureSex/LoveSounds. In 2007, I went to my first Justin concert. It was for the FutureSex/LoveShow tour. I had a great time at this concert.

Backup to 1999, I was already obessesed with *N Sync and Justin Timberlake when Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block released a solo album. Could you say, 6 year old girl crush coming back again. I was so excited about this and now you can say I had two crushes, Jordan and Justin. Even though I had a crush on Jordan first, Justin is and will always be the one I want to marry. He will always be number one in my heart. Jordan will be second in my heart.

In 2008, New Kids on the Block made a comeback. I was so excited. They were the first music I’ve ever listened to and was my first love. I was still listening to their music and hoping they would make a comeback. I guess I had my wish and prayers answered. They had their first comeback tour in 2008 called the New Kids on the Block: Live tour. I went to that tour and I have to say that they sounded and looked even better than they did before.

New Kids on the Block is still around and just finished an album and tour with the Backstreet Boys. I attended that tour called NKOTBSB. I had a blast at that tour. Jordan Knight is still making solo music and just released an album entitled Unfinished. Justin is not currently making music but will continue to in the future. He is currently working on movies. I have seen all his movies and even own them all. He is coming out with one this month called In Time. After all these years, I still have New Kids on the Block. Maybe someday my other wish and prayer will be answered…that *N Sync will make a comeback.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, feeling sad or feeling sick I know I can put on some New Kids on the Block, *N Sync, or Justin Timberlake music and it will help cheer me up and make me feel better. There is just something about their music that can soothe a broken heart. For this reason, I will always love them and have a place in my heart for them and their music.

NBA Cancels Games

As far as I can remember I’ve always loved basketball. I’m not good at it so I don’t play it but I love to watch. When I was little I even attended basketball camp for two summers in a row. I wasn’t good at it but I had fun.

I just recently read in an email I got from the Lakers (my favorite basketball team) saying that “We appreciate your patience as the NBA and the NBA Players Association negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. Since an agreement has not been reached at this time, the league has cancelled all preseason games. The league will continue to work toward a new collective bargaining agreement so that we can get back to enjoying the excitement of NBA basketball.” I also got another email from the Lakers saying that “We’re sorry to share that the NBA and the NBA Players Association have yet to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. Unfortunately this means the league has had to cancel all regular season games scheduled through November 14. Rest assured both sides are working hard to get a deal done so that we can get back to what we all want most, the excitement of NBA basketball. In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep you informed with updates as they become available.”

I can’t believe that they would do this. I was looking forward to the new season and to see how well the Lakers can do with their new coach. I hope that they come to some agreement sometime soon so that they don’t have to cancel any regular season games.

Willis Tower Skydeck

Last Monday, August 29 my aunt took my uncle (from Germany) and his wife to the Willis Tower Skydeck. My cousin and her boyfriend, uncle (from the Philippines), mom, and I went too. I took some pictures and will post them some time this week or next week. So check back on the site to see them.

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