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Danno Guesso Swag Bag Giveaway

Today Cassie did another #DannoGuesso giveaway on twitter where you could win a swag bag which consists of a tote bag, #Townie bracelet, Townie sunglasses and a travel mug.

What is Dan’s favorite food?

It’s #DannoGuesso time again! Dan has given me the answer to a pretty simple question…all you have to do is guess the correct answer via twitter!! Easy enough right? Lol! 1 winner will receive this awesome Townie swag bag!

tweet @DanMiller_Fans with your answer and use the hashtag #DannoGuesso! Make sure to tag @danmillerotown as well! ***If you don’t use the hashtag #DannoGuesso your answer will not be seen to be counted!***

I guessed chimichangas.

It was correct. I won.

Cassie (@DanMiller_Fans) said “Well that was a quick one!!! Congrats @justinsbabe5000!!! You got the right answer! Dan’s fav food is Chimichangas!” She also said “That went fast! Lol!

@justinsbabe5000 guessed the correct answer! Dan’s fav food is Chimichangas!!

Please pm me with your address! :)”

dan miller (@danmillerotown) said “Shoutout to @justinsbabe5000 for winning #DannoGuesso! Carne asada chimichangas from JJ’s Mexican Oasis in Palm Springs is my fave food.”

He also said “Here’s their Yelp page and no, I’m not a paid spokesman: yelp.com—JJ’s Mexican Oasis—Palm Springs @justinsbabe5000 @DanMiller_Fans”

I was in the hospital for three days from Tuesday until Thursday so I am so excited that I won. I remembered that Dan did a q&a during #DanTakeOver on twitter last year and someone asked him what his favorite food is and he answered it. I had to search online for the q&a and found the q&a. I then looked for the question and got the answer.

Thanks to Cassie for all the amazing prizes. I can’t wait to get them.


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