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Online Life

Just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t neglected my online stuff. I’ve been busy packing since I’ll be moving in a few days. I’ve also been bsy working on fanlistings that I was approved for and those that I was fortunate to adopt.

The movers are coming on Wednesday. Thursday is the day of the closing for the house. On Friday we are leaving here early to drive to Illinois. We will arrive there on March 5th. We will have to stay at a hotel as the house will not have closed yet. We have a walkthrough on March 8. Then we are giving the seller 1 day to have everything we want done done. On March 9 we will be closing. On March 10 we will be painting and on March 11 we will finally move into the new house.

I’ve sold my bed and desk so I’ll have to buy a new bed and a compter table. The movers are coming around the 15th or the 16th with our things. When we move I will have internet access and can start writing here as I will be bringing my laptop with me in the car. On March 17th we will be having DirecTV installed in both bedrooms and in the living room. I will finally be able to watch tv then.

During the summer I will go and register for school and get my classes for September. I will be going to a 2 year commnity college for awhile and then transfer to a 4 year school. I want to take some graphics class, a class in flash, and some programming classes. I wold like to open my own web designing company. Just something where I can make websites for personal use or business

Right now my mom works for a person that designs jewelry and her boss paid someone alot of money to design a website for her where she can explain about what she does, showcase her jewelry, and information on how to contact her if they want to buy a jewelry or borrow to use for an award show or something. I would like to create that.

I would also like to learn PHP where I can be able to create different scripts and have two versions of them available. One is a basic version which is available for free and the other is a paid version which has much more stuff available that you can do.

So if you don;t hear from me here never fear as I will be back shortly.


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