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Movie—The Island

Today I saw a movie on tv called The Island. It is about these people who are very sick and will be dying soon. There is this guy that came up with a place where they clone people and use them to help these sick people. What happens is these sick people pay this guy 5 million dollars and the guy clones these people. They make the clone look like the people, talk like the people, and have their dna. The only difference is that theses clones have the minds of little kids and don’t have any feelings. They are kept in this place and the real people who pay 5 million dollars never get to see them. The clones are only used when the sick person needs an operation so they are no longer sick or dying.

There are these two clones (Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansen) who found out what was happening and tried to escape. they escape and contact the real version of themselves. They meet up with Ewan McGregor’s real person who in turns calls the guy who created the clone. He comes after the clone. The real guy in turns is the one that dies. Ewan and Scarlett go back to the place to destroy it and help save all the clones who will die if they are not saved. They are able to save all the clones. Very good movie and I recommend all to see it.


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