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Charllote’s Web and Alpha Dog

Today my mom and I went to see Charlotte’s Web. It is a great movie. For those who has not seen it yet it is about a girl named Fern (played by Dakota Fanning) who lives on a farm with many animals. There is this pig on the farm that had 11 baby pigs during the Spring. One of them was so small (called a rut) that Fern’s father considered killing. He is not strong enough and would be no use to anyone. Fern sees that her farther is gonna kill the pig and convinces him to let her take care of the pig. She feeds the pig, bathes it, takes it for walks in a crib, sleeps with it, and plays with it. One day her father tells her that the pig is too big and needs to be given away. Her mother tells them that Fern’s uncle, who lives down the road, has a farm and can take the pig.

Fern would go there almost every day to visit Wilbur (the pig). She would read with him and play with him. During the day Wilbur was always lonely and sad. He wanted to play but none of the other animals would play. The tell him they are too busy. All he wanted was to have a friend. Then one night he meets Charlotte (a spider) and she becomes his friend. The other animals tell Wilbur that every pig at the farm goes into the smoker to become meat to eat. They tell him he will never get to see snow. Wilbur is sad about this. Charlotte tells him that she will make sure that he gets to see snow. Fern finds out about this and decides to help Wilbur so that he would not be killed.

Charlotte decides to put a word on her web that would describe Wilbur. She comes up with Some Pig. Everyone in the area comes to see what the spider has written on her web. Fern’s uncle decides that there may be something to this pig. Later on he changes his mind. Charlotte than gets Templeton (a rat) to help find a new word. He goes to the junk yard and while there he finds the word terrific and brings it back to Charlotte who puts the word on her web. Everyone comes to see the new word. Meanwhile Fern learns about a fair at school where you can bring different animals and have them judged and winners get a ribbon. She thinks that if her uncle enters Wilbur in a contest and he wins he will not kill Wilbur. She makes copies of the flier and posts the all over her uncle’s farm. Her uncle finds one and decides to enter Wilbur.

Wilbur is at the fair and so is Templeton and Charlotte. Charlotte decides to put another word on her web so that Wilbur will have a better chance of being chosen. Charlotte asks Templeton to find a word. He goes and comes back with the word humble. The whole family comes to see Wilbur the morning of the judging and finds the blue, first prize is already given to the other pig. Then everyone at the fair sees the word. Just then someone comes to tell Fern’s uncle that he is to go someplace and the pig is too go also. They get the to that place in the fair and finds out that Wilbur gets a medal. Fern’s uncle then decides not to kill Wilbur. Charlotte gives birth to a sac full of 514 spiders and dies at the fair. Wilbur brings the sac back to the farm. All the animals takes turn watching the sac until one day all the spiders come out. All the spiders leave except 3 spiders who become Wilbur’s new friend. He tells them all about their mother.

It is a good movie and I recommend all to watch it if you haven’t already done so.

told everyone previously that I am a huge Justin Timberlake fan and that I am obsessed with him and this time I want to tell all about Alpha Dog. It is a movie featuring Justin Timberlake. He plays the friend of a drug dealer who is told by his friend to kidnap a kid as a ransom. It is out in theaters on January 12 so all Justin fans should go see it this weekend. I know I will. I won’t miss it for the world.


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