Title Musician Year Genre Format
Lost & Found Will Smith 2005 Rap MP3-D
Louder R5 2013 Pop MP3-D
Love Boyz II Men 2009 R&B MP3-D
Love At the Movies Various 2003 Soundtrack MP3
Love Songs Knight, Jordan 2006 Pop CD/MP3
Love Songs Bolton, Michael 2001 Pop MP3
Lucky Day Shaggy 2002 Reggae MP3-D
Mamma Mia! Various 1999 Musicals CD/MP3
Mamma Mia! OST Various 2008 Soundtrack MP3-D
Mariah Carey Carey, Mariah 1990 Pop C/MP3-D
Marshall Mathers LP Eminem 2000 Rap CD/MP3
Me and My Gang Rascal Flatts 2006 Country MP3-D
Meet Joe Mac McIntyre, Joey 2001 Pop CD/MP3
Melt Rascal Flatts 2002 Country MP3-D
Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel Carey, Mariah 2009 Pop MP3-D
Merry Christmas Carey, Mariah 1994 Pop C/MP3-D
Merry Christmas II You Carey, Mariah 2010 Pop MP3-D
Merry, Merry Christmas New Kids on the Block 1989 Pop C/MP3-D
Middle of Nowhere Hanson 1997 Pop MP3-D
Millenium Backstreet Boys 1999 Pop MP3-D
Mitchel Musso Musso, Mitchel 2009 Pop MP3-D
Motown McDonald, Michael 2003 Motown MP3-D
Motown A Journey Through Hitsville Boyz II Men 2007 Motown MP3-D
Mr. Lover Lover Shaggy 2002 Reggae MP3-D
MTV Unplugged Carey, Mariah 2008 Pop C/MP3-D
Music Box Carey, Mariah 1993 Pop C/MP3-D
My Fair Lady Various 1994 Soundtrack CD/MP3
My Private Nation Train 2003 Pop Rock MP3-D
Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya Boyz II Men 2000 R&B CD/MP3
Nellyville Nelly 2002 Rap CD/MP3
Never Gone Backstreet Boys 2005 Pop MP3-D
Nick & Knight Jordan Knight/Nick Carter 2014 Pop MP3
No Strings Attached 'N Sync 2000 Pop CD/MP3
Nothing Like This Rascal Flatts 2010 Country MP3-D
O-Town O-Town 2000 Pop CD/MP3
O2 O-Town 2002 Pop MP3-D
On the Line Various 2001 Soundtrack CD/MP3
One Too Many: Live From New York McIntyre, Joey 2002 Pop CD/MP3
Oops!...I Did It Again Spears, Britney 2000 Pop CD/MP3
Play On Underwood, Carrie 2009 Country CD/MP3
Pop Music: Modern Era 1976-1999 Various 1999 Pop CD/MP3
Portrait Astley, Rick 2005 Pop MP3-D
Pure Pleasure Shaggy 1993 Reggae MP3-D
Rainbow Carey, Mariah 2008 Pop CD/MP3
Rascal Flatts Rascal Flatts 2000 Country MP3-D
Rated Next Next 1997 R&B CD/MP3
Recovery Eminem 2010 Rap MP3-D
Relapse Eminem 2009 Rap MP3-D
Rent Various 2005 Soundtrack CD/MP3
Revelation 98 Degrees 2000 Pop CD/MP3

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