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O-Town Concert

Today my mom and I went to the O-Town concert at Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill in Bolingbrook, IL. That place was so disorganized. They didn’t know how to handle everyone. Fans were not listening and doing what they want. Different people were telling us different things to do and not to do.

Anyways, my mom and I got to the bar around 3:30 PM because the VIP email said to be there by 4:30 PM. We were allowed to go in an sit and wait until everything started. O-Town was running late. They finally took the stage for soundcheck. We had to form a line and they checked out IDs and checked our name off the list. I was able to be in the very front of the soundcheck.

Afterwards we formed another line and I was able to get a picture with them. Mike, the tour manager, said no selfies so I couldn’t get one with Erik-Michael. I gave Dan my camera. He shook my hand and I asked him if he could sign my t-shirt and he took it along with the marker to sign it. He asked my name and I said Joy. I hugged him. While he was signing the shirt Jacob asked me my name and I said Joy. He said what a joy to have here. I hugged him and then I hugged Erik-Michael and Trevor. I stood between Erik-Michael and Jacob because I wanted to be next to Erik-Michael. I showed them the bracelet I made and Erik-Michael said that was so cool. After the picture taking Jacob told Erik-Michael to sign the shirt. He and Trevor signed the shirt and Trevor handed it to me along with the market. I moved over to the side to wait for Tanya for a bit but then I left to go look for my mom. I showed her the signed t-shirt.

She was waiting on the line to get out wristbands as to where we would be standing or sitting. One guy told the guy that was going to give us the wristbands to wait until 6:30 PM but then he said he wanted to wait until everyone was done with picture taking. The guy finally gave us our wristbands and Bob told us to wait past the lottery machine and maybe even wait on the other side of the bar so we do not block the line for the wristbands. Fans were going to where the tables were and we told them where the line was and they would not listen. Many of us including my mom were getting mad because we were supposed to be first. We would not seats up front. My mom told Bob and he had someone tell them to move but they wouldn’t listen. She told him again and he told a few of us that we could take out seats. Some guy came and told us we had to leave and my mom and another girl told him that Bob said we could take our seats. He asked Bob and told us we would stay.

Eventually the first opening act started. It was a group called Goldhouse. They performed for 1/2 an hour. Another opening act took the stage. His name was Chris Koon. I remembered him from the other O-Town concert I went to in Joliet, IL. Afterwards O-Town eventually took the stage.

O-Town started with the song 1. Liquid Dreams. That was such a great song. I love that song. They did several other songs before leaving the stage….2. Girl, 3. Right Kind of Wrong, 4. Sexiest Woman Alive, 5. We Fit Together, 6. I Won’t Lose, 7. Love Should Be a Crime, 8. Buried Alive, 9. Covers Medley, 10. I Showed Her, 11. These Are the Days, 12. Favorite Girl, 13. Rewind, 14. Lines & Circles, 15. Playing With Fire and 16. Skydive. They came back to perform 17. All or Nothing and 18. Chasin’ After You. After the last song Jacob said if you buy a t-shirt from the merchandise table they would stay and sign it for everyone that buys after the concert.

I already got a t-shirt signed at the meet & greet so I asked mom where the table was for the signing and we found it by the entrance/exit door. We waited there for them and when they showed up I took pictures of them. They did not want us taking pictures during the signing. They wanted the line to keep moving…sign and leave.

I had one of the best times I ever had. My mom even got to meet Tanya, her mom and dad, Cassie and other O-Town fans.



Danno Guesso Swag Bag Giveaway

Today Cassie did another #DannoGuesso giveaway on twitter where you could win a swag bag which consists of a tote bag, #Townie bracelet, Townie sunglasses and a travel mug.

What is Dan’s favorite food?

It’s #DannoGuesso time again! Dan has given me the answer to a pretty simple question…all you have to do is guess the correct answer via twitter!! Easy enough right? Lol! 1 winner will receive this awesome Townie swag bag!

tweet @DanMiller_Fans with your answer and use the hashtag #DannoGuesso! Make sure to tag @danmillerotown as well! ***If you don’t use the hashtag #DannoGuesso your answer will not be seen to be counted!***

I guessed chimichangas.

It was correct. I won.

Cassie (@DanMiller_Fans) said “Well that was a quick one!!! Congrats @justinsbabe5000!!! You got the right answer! Dan’s fav food is Chimichangas!” She also said “That went fast! Lol!

@justinsbabe5000 guessed the correct answer! Dan’s fav food is Chimichangas!!

Please pm me with your address! :)”

dan miller (@danmillerotown) said “Shoutout to @justinsbabe5000 for winning #DannoGuesso! Carne asada chimichangas from JJ’s Mexican Oasis in Palm Springs is my fave food.”

He also said “Here’s their Yelp page and no, I’m not a paid spokesman: yelp.com—JJ’s Mexican Oasis—Palm Springs @justinsbabe5000 @DanMiller_Fans”

I was in the hospital for three days from Tuesday until Thursday so I am so excited that I won. I remembered that Dan did a q&a during #DanTakeOver on twitter last year and someone asked him what his favorite food is and he answered it. I had to search online for the q&a and found the q&a. I then looked for the question and got the answer.

Thanks to Cassie for all the amazing prizes. I can’t wait to get them.

Pic of the Day

On Twitter Sonja-Leigh of OTown Rewind did a game called I Spy where you can win the pick of the day. She will be doing this for the whole month. What she would do is tweet saying she spies a picture and you have to find that picture of google and tweet her the picture. The first one to tweet the right picture wins the pic of the day.

For today she tweeted “First to answer correctly using our any hashtag wins…I spy with my eye someone wearing tye die..#OTownRewind1YrAnnyMonth Tweet pic 2 me

I tweeted the picture which was correct.

I won this pic for getting it right.

Yay! I love the pic because Erik-Michael Estrada is my favorite member of O-Town.

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