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Grandmother’s Death

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the death of my grandmother. We had a mass for her at my aunt’s house yesterday. After the mass we had food. We ate pancit, spring rolls, pan de sal (Philipinne Bread), and orange chicken. Next year we will have to go to the Philippines to the cemetery to visit her for the two-year anniversary of her death. We are not allowed to wear reds, pinks, orange, or any shades of these colors. After we go to the cemetery next year we will be able to wear all these colors and any color we like to. I miss her so much because my mom was a single parent raising me all my life and she was there to take care of me while my mom worked. She picked me up from school, took me to school, and took me to the mall. As I grew older I didn’t get to see her much because she lived in the Philippines with my grandfather. He has a business there so he never came to live in the united States. I wasn’t able to go to see her before she died or to the funeral because I had school. I did see her in August of 2005 but I didn’t go see her May of 2006. All her children went to see her and were able to see her right before she died. I will always love her.

CD List

I added a CD list to the site. It is a page that lists all CDs that I’ve listened to (all of which I still own). I do love to listen to music and have listened to many CDs throughtout my life time. So don’t worry if the list is too long. Will be adding more to the list as I listen to them. The list is in alphabetical order starting with artist’s last name and then alphabetically by album title.

Closed Fanlistings

The following fanlistings have been closed due to the fact that no one wanted to adopt them when I put them up for adoption:

Characters: TV
- Josh
- Alex Katsopolis
- Nicky Katsopolis
- John Thomas ‘J.T.’ Lambert

- Chicken Adobo
- Pancit Palabok

Relationships: TV
- Dana Foster and J.T. Lambert
- Josh and Sabrina Spellman

- New York Knicks

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