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Online Life

Just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t neglected my online stuff. I’ve been busy packing since I’ll be moving in a few days. I’ve also been bsy working on fanlistings that I was approved for and those that I was fortunate to adopt.

The movers are coming on Wednesday. Thursday is the day of the closing for the house. On Friday we are leaving here early to drive to Illinois. We will arrive there on March 5th. We will have to stay at a hotel as the house will not have closed yet. We have a walkthrough on March 8. Then we are giving the seller 1 day to have everything we want done done. On March 9 we will be closing. On March 10 we will be painting and on March 11 we will finally move into the new house.

I’ve sold my bed and desk so I’ll have to buy a new bed and a compter table. The movers are coming around the 15th or the 16th with our things. When we move I will have internet access and can start writing here as I will be bringing my laptop with me in the car. On March 17th we will be having DirecTV installed in both bedrooms and in the living room. I will finally be able to watch tv then.

During the summer I will go and register for school and get my classes for September. I will be going to a 2 year commnity college for awhile and then transfer to a 4 year school. I want to take some graphics class, a class in flash, and some programming classes. I wold like to open my own web designing company. Just something where I can make websites for personal use or business

Right now my mom works for a person that designs jewelry and her boss paid someone alot of money to design a website for her where she can explain about what she does, showcase her jewelry, and information on how to contact her if they want to buy a jewelry or borrow to use for an award show or something. I would like to create that.

I would also like to learn PHP where I can be able to create different scripts and have two versions of them available. One is a basic version which is available for free and the other is a paid version which has much more stuff available that you can do.

So if you don;t hear from me here never fear as I will be back shortly.

The Illusionist and One Night With the King

My mom and I rented some movies today from Blockbuster since our satellite is down. One of the movie we rented is called the Illusionist. It is about a boy who meet this guy who was always into doing tricks. The man showed him many tricks and the boy became interested in doing tricks. He started doing tricks himself. He meet this girl and the became in love. Her family didn’t want her to have anything to do with him because he was a peasant and she was upperclass. They secretly decided to run away together but her father’s men found her and took her away. They never saw each other again that is until 15 years later. The boy grew up to do magic tricks and performed on stage in front of many people. The girl grew up to eventually date a prince and get engaged to him. They met when the prince and her went to see one of his performance. During one trick the prince volunteered her to do it because the magician needed a volunteer. When she came on stage he recognized her as the girl he fell in love with. She didn’t recognize him until later that evening after she had gone home after the show. She wrote him a letter asking him to meet her. They met and he asked her to come away with him. She said they couldn’t because the prince would hunt them down and kill them both. She told him that she did want to go away with him. He had a plan on how they were to escape together. They would secretly meet but one of the prince’s men always followed her and reported what they were doing. The magician would continue to perform on stage. One day the prince had a talk with his fiancee and she told him she wanted to leave him and go with the magician. He told her to go with him and announce their engagement but she said no and said she was leaving him and left. He followed after her into the barn and slit her throat with his sword. She died. The magician found her dead. The prince then kept trying to get him to stop performing and to have him arrested. They say he was the one who killed her. Later the one that always followed her tried to have the magician arrested during one of his performance but he vanished from the stage right in fron of everyone. The one who always followed the prince’s fiancee went back to the barn and found evidence that linked the prince to the murder. He went to talk to the prince about this but before he did he wrote a letter to the prince’s father telling him all about this. When he was speaking to the prince about him being the one to kill his fiancee the prince killed himself just as his father’s men came to arrest him. Later the one who always follows the prince’s fiancee goes looking for the magician and thought he saw someone that looked like him and followed him to the train station but loses him there and then remembers what he heard the magician saying to some old man about the old man to go ahead with the prince’s fiancee and he would follow along later realizes that the prince’s fiancee is stil lalive and that the magician is on the way to see her. They then show how the magician used illusion to trick everyone into thinking the prince’s fiancee is dead and that he killed her. What they showed was that the magician gave the prince’s fiancee something for her to put in the wine that would make her appear to be dead. She put in it in the wine that she drank before going to bed one night. She goes to talk to the prince and when she leaves him to go to the barn to get a horse he follows her. She knocks him unconscious, takes a gem from his sword puts it in the hay, leaves her locket in the hay, puts something on the sword to look like blood, and then puts something on her neck to make it look like it was slit and bleeding. She then screamed like he was killing her. She then rides the horse and makes it look like she was hurt. She then rides it to the river and falls asleep there in the water. The magician goes there pretending he was searching for here there after finding her house full of her blood. The prince comes and see’s her and thinks she is dead. After he leaves the magician puts something in her mouth and tries to put it down her throat. She then wakes up. She is not dead. She goes with the old man. Later everyone thinks she is dead. The prince thinks he killed her. It is a very good movie I recommend all to watch.

The other movie we saw was called One Night with the King. It is about a king who was married to a woman. He was having a party and wanted her to come to the party but she didn’t want to join the party so he had her banished from the castle. She was no longer to be queen. The king was to find a new queen. He ordered all single woman to be brought to him for him to pick his new queen. Meanwhile this guy was plotting to try to kill the king so that he could become king and his wife would be come queen. He also wanted to kill all Jews whether men, women, or children. The king falls in love with a Jew who he didn’t know was a Jew because she had changed her name and didn’t tell anyone she was a Jew. The king picked her as the new queen. She found out the guy was gonna kill the king and tried to have it stopped. She also found out he wanted all Jews killed and asked the king to let her allowall Jews not to be killed. He didn’t allow that. While the king was to be away he had the other guy who he trusted to take over. That guy was the one who wanted to kill him. She goes to take to him the same time he appointed the guy. She tells him that she is a Jew but he and the other guy doesn’t believe. She shows them the necklace her uncle gave her. If you hold it over a flame it shows the Jewish star of David. She held it over the flame for them. Afterwards the bad guy tried to strangle her. The king comes to her rescue because he believed her when she sad she was a Jew because he saw the star of David from the necklace. He orders the guy hung and she was able to save all Jews. Her uncle takes over the bad guy’s position. Also a very good movie and recommend all to watch.

2007 Grammy’s

I hope all were able to see the Grammys and see Justin perform. He performed a solo song of What Goes Around…Comes Around and also a song with the winner of the contest of an unsigned artist to perform with him on the Grammays. He was up for 4 awards and he gave out one award.

I didn’t get to see it as my satellite is down and someone will not be here to fix it until Tuesday morning. My mom’s bf taped it for us but we won’t get to watch it until this weekend because it is taped on his dvr and he doesn’t have a vcr to transfer it to tape. After I watch it I will try and post here what the performances was like and whether he won or not in each category he was nominated in.

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