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Cute News Comment Form

I was able to show the comments form below the news/updates and the comments when I had my *N Sync fansite. I had removed the form due to it being spammed. I had used cutenews without the form for 2 years now. I just purchased this new domain recently and have set up cutenews as my blog. Now I cannot get the form to show up below the blog and comments. I can’t get it to show up at all. Anyone know how to get it to show up? Also does anyone know how to add one of those security thing where a person has to type some text in order for the form to work? If anyone know how to do these please email me at joy@filipinaprincess.com

Justin Timberlake Concert

I am so excited about going to the Justin Timberlake concert. It is on January 16. It is in Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is where the LA Lakers have there games. I got my tickets about 1 1/2 months ago. My seats are not floor seats near the stage but 8 rows up after the floor seats. I think that is pretty close. It is also facing the center of the stage.

The reason I am so excited is because I am a huge Justin Timberlake fan. I am obssessed with him. Everyone in my family knows that and all my friends knows that too. I have been to 2 *N Sync concerts. I also have been outside TRL studios in New York City 3 times when *N Sync was there. The first time was when they were there. The second time was when they were there with Gloria Estefan and the third time was when Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick were hosting the show in their pajamas. I’ve also go to Virgin Megastore in New York City and waited in the long line to buy their CD. The first (I’m not sure how many people) … people to get in and buy the CD gets a pass to come back at night to get their autograph there. I was in line and there were 2 people in front of me when they said no more people can go in. I was disappointed. I’ve even called the radio station many times to win tickets. If I could marry anyone it would have to be Justin Timberlake.

My mom’s ex-boyfriend got me the tickets. He is cousin’s with my mom’s cousin’s husband. He was there at the hospital the day I was born. My mom knew him my whole life and she dated/lived with him for the past 2 1/2 years. They never planned on getting married. They broke up because mom wants to move to Illinois to fufill my grandmother’s dying wish and he didn’t want to leave here (California). He has live here for more than 40 years and has a good job. They still talk. He has his own place now and I go spend some weekends there. He treats me like I am his daughter. I never had a father because he died in a car accident before I was born. My mom did get married once but he was no good. I never felt like I could call him my father and he never treated me like this guy has treated me. He’s been there for me like a father would be for their daughter. I couldn’t ask for more. The only thing I could ask for is to meet Justin himself in person.

Grandmother and Moving

My grandmother passed away last May and right before she died she told my mom that she wanted her and me to move to Illinois to live near my aunt. She is the youngest and was always the favorite of my grandmother. We have been trying to sell this house since July but we are having no luck. It is not a good time to sell. We were gonna sell this house and use the money from the sell of this house to buy another one in Illinois. A house that is brand new, custom built. Because we couldn’t sell this we are not gonna buy that house.

We are changing brokers because the contract expired with the one we had. We are gonna go with brokers from Coldwell Banker. They are a husband and wife team who having been doing this together for over 25 years. Every house they tried to sell were sold for asking price or about no more than $20,000 less than asking price. Hopefully we can sell and move to Illinois.

I am looking forward to moving there because of my cousin. She will be 10 in April and every year since her 2nd birthday I have gone to Illinois to visit her during break break to help celebrate her birthday. She and I get along so well. We are practically like sisters. She had her 1st birthday in New York and I was there since I was living there at the time.

I hope all can pray that this house gets sold soon. It will be available for sell starting January 22.

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