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Trojan War Movie

Tonight my mom and I watched an old movie called Trojan War. The movie stars Will Friedle and Jason Marsden from Boy Meets World, Jennifer Love Hewitt from Party of Five, Danny Masterson from That 70’s Show, Anthony Michael Hall and Marley Shelton. The movie is about a high school boy who is in love with a popular girl at school. He is given the opportunity to sleep with her but doesn’t have a condom. He goes out to get one and has mishaps along the way.

Brad (Will Friedle) is a high school student who is head-over-heels in love with popular girl, Brook (Marley Shelton). She invites him over to her house to tutor her and she ends up wanting to have sex with him but would only do it with a condom. He does not have one. (A few days ago the health teacher gives the class condoms and there is one left but Brad does not take it.) He leaves in his dad’s Jaguar car to go to the store to buy one. At the store he realizes that he left his wallet in the car so he goes out to get it and finds the car stolen. He only has a few quarters and decides to call Brook but she wrote the number on the palm of his had and the last digit gets wiped away. He doesn’t have enough quarters to try each number for the last number and ends up using the last quarter to call his best friend, Leah (Jennifer Love Hewitt). He tells her to pick him up but will meet her halfway. He gives her cross streets to pick him up at. He gets into a bus but the bus driver (Anthony Michael Hall) gets made because he does not have any money to pay for the ride. He gets mad that people ask for free rides or does not have exact change. The bus driver takes him on a crazy ride and drops him off in the middle of nowhere. The only thing there is a tiny dance club. Brad goes inside and finds Mexican people dancing. They are having a dance contest. A crazy woman wants him to be her dance partner. They dance and they win the contest. The woman gets a trophy and $100. She gives Brad the $100. He goes to the bathroom and the woman bangs on the door saying that she wants him to dance with him. He jumps out the window.

He see’s his car. There are three Mexican guys in it. He stops them and tells them that it is his car. He explains about his mom having this thing that trolls are lucky and that she gave him one when he first got his license to carry around with him whenever he drives. He goes to the glove compartment and gets it. One guy says oh your mom gives you one too. We have something in common. He lets Brad hang with them. He goes in the car with them and they talk. Brad finds out that they were the ones who tagged the back of the school. He tells them that the janitor cleaned it up and the guy gets mad. They drive to the school and tag the building again. The guy tells Brad to put the last finishing touch on the picture. When he does they drive off and leave him. Brad then stops and thinks about how he is going to get a condom now. Then he sees one in a jar in one of the classroom. He climbs the window and tries opening the jar but the lid will not twist open. He decides to smash the jar on the floor. The janitor is at the school waiting to catch whomever tagged the school. He hears the noise and goes to find the person or people because he thinks the taggers are back. He sees Brad and goes after him thinking he is the tagger. Brad manages to escape and runs. Meanwhile Leah is tired of waiting for him and decides to leave. Brad runs and sees the Mexican woman in a car and she sees him too. She drives after him. Brad runs away and almost gets hit by Leah’s car. Brad asks Leah to drive him to Brook’s house.

When he arrives at the house he looks at the condom. As he is walking the driveway the sprinklers turn on and he is soaked. He rings the doorbell but no one answers. He throws pebbles at Brook’s bedroom window but she still does not answer. He decides to climb a tree. When he does he puts the condom in between his teeth and drops it on his way up the tree. The condom ends up being washed into a sewer. The tree breaks, breaking the bedroom window and Brad falls into the bedroom. He sees Brook’s note about going to the party. He decides to go buy a condom and go to the party. Someone calls the cops and they arrive at Brook’s house. Brad escapes from the back door and runs away. He ends up with a homeless man who takes his clothes and gives him other clothes. He goes to a store to buy a condom but has no money and pleads for the cashier to let him have the box of condom. The three Mexican guys who stole his dad’s car arrive at the store. They are there to rob the store. They recognize him and he tells them that he has no money to buy the condom and the cashier will not give it to him. They tell her to give him the condoms and the money in the cash register. The cops arrive and the guys use Brad as hostage to escape to their car. They get chased by the cops. Meanwhile, Leah decides to go to the party and asks Seth (Danny Masterson) and Josh (Jason Marsden) to go with her.

They drive and pass the house with the party. Brad sees Brook. The cops get them. Later one of the cops gives Brad a condom and releases him. Leah picks him up at the police station and they go to the party. Brad goes in to look for Brook and sees his other two best friends, Seth and Josh. Then he sees the Mexican woman. She is still looking for him. She ends up seeing Seth and decides she wants him instead. He sees Brook and finds out that she only wants him for a one night stand. He decides that he does not want her. Brad realizes that he has feelings for Leah. He does not know that Leah has feelings for him. He looks for her and tells her how he feels about her and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Brad’s parents are back home from a party. A tow truck driver drops off the car at the house and Brad’s parents are shocked at what they see. They car is painted a different color with designs on it. The inside is decorated and there is a big, fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror.

O-Town Dream

Last night I had a dream and O-Town was in the dream.

I was at my high school. It was a coed school. I was in my first period class trying to decide what to do about this paper that I had due next period. I was supposed to interview one of the cliques in school and write about them.

I tried asking people in my class but no one wanted to do it. I asked a girl sitting next to me and she said OK. She told me to ditch class and to follow her and we would go some place and meet up with her clique and they will do it. I went with her and ended up in a room with her and her clique. They were all girls. I asked them what name they called their clique and what the clique was about. Then I went on to ask them a list of questions that I was planning on asking for my paper. I started with the first question. I asked what makes them different from other cliques. One girl answered my question and I was writing it down while she explained. I was about to ask my second question when the clique started getting weird. They were acting like they were going to cast a spell on me or do something horrible to me. They acted like witches or something.

Then a group of four guys came into the room, did something to them and told me to follow them. I followed them until we were outside of the school. One of them said that I was safe now. That was when I saw who they were and I thought they looked like O-Town. They saved me from these girls. When I asked if they were O-Town they just vanished. That was when I woke up.


Today O-Town’s Lines & Circles came out in mp3 format in iTunes and Amazon. It was actually available before midnight last night. All the O-Town fans, including me, had a tweet fest about the upcoming album last night.

Anyways, today Jacob fan (JacobOtownFan) / Erik-Michael fan (ErikMichaelFans) did a contest on twitter where she was giving one grand prize and two other prizes to three lucky winners. The contest was as follows:

Hello Townies! In honor of O-Town releasing their new album Lines & Circles, we have decided to celebrate with a giveaway! We are going to buy one lucky fan a GA (general admission) ticket to an O-Town show of their choice! Any city, and any venue, IT’S ON US! :) Wanna Know how to win?? Help us spread the word about Lines & Circles!!! It’s that easy! Be the first person to complete the checklist below, and you could very soon be holding an O-Town show ticket in your hands! :) (If you already have a ticket to a show, we will reimburse you up to $45.00 value) 2nd and 3rd place winners will recieve a bracelet of their choice! :)

Contest will start at 12 pm
Central time on 8/24
8 Facebook posts
24 Tweets
14 Instagram pics
10 #LinesAndCircles related retweets!

All tweets, posts and pics must be promoting the new album! ***NO DUPLICATE TWEETS*** You MUST include the hashtags #LinesAndCircles, and #TownieTix in every post, making sure to tag @OTownOfficial in all as well! (If you do not include the #TownieTix hashtag, we can’t tally your posts!) Please tweet and let us know when you complete your checklist, and we will start tallying. Good luck and THANK YOU for supporting O-Town!!! )

These were my posts:
FaceBook (8 Posts)

  1. Please support @OTownOfficial by buying their album #LinesAndCircles. You know you want to. #TownieTix
  2. Once a #Townie always a #Townie. #LinesAndCircles #TownieTix
  3. Walking my dog and tweeting for #TownieTix at the same time. I call this dedication to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles
  4. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the album you should buy right now #TownieTix
  5. Great way to get people to learn about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is by entering this contest. #TownieTix
  6. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album needs to break all album sales records. Buy it now to do it. #TownieTix
  7. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the one album I can never get tired of listening to everyday. #TownieTix
  8. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow and everyday…listen to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix

Twitter (24 Tweets)

  1. Stayed up until 2 am listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. Such a great album that you should all buy it now. #TownieTix
  2. @OTownOfficial My dog loves #LinesAndCircles album too. He lays next to me and listens with me. #TownieTix
  3. #SometimesLoveAintEnough from @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album had me in tears. I love the song. #TownieTix
  4. Been listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album on repeat since I came out of church & will be listening to it all day. #TownieTix
  5. I’m at the gym listening to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album while on the treadmill. #TownieTix
  6. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is the best album ever. If you haven’t heard it then head over to iTunes and preview it. #TownieTix
  7. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCirles album is out now. Buy it. You won’t regret it. #TownieTix
  8. Trying to feed my aunt’s 2 dogs & tweet about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is hard to do at same time but I’m doing it. #TownieTix
  9. Help support @OTownOfficial by helping them get their #LinesAndCircles album to #1 on the chart. #TownieTix
  10. Showing my love for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album because it deserves all the love I can give it. #TownieTix
  11. When I get home I’ll be blasting @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album so loud the neighbor might call the cops on me about noise #TownieTix
  12. 8/24/14 is the best date this year because @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles is available to download on this date. #TownieTix
  13. Favorite songs from @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album are #ChasinAfterYou #IWontLose and #SometimesLoveAintEnough #TownieTix
  14. So excited for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. I’ve been waiting for this for 10 years. #TownieTix
  15. I’ve never listened to any album as much as I’ve listened to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix
  16. Running out of things to say about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. Just gonna say BUY it! #TownieTix
  17. If you could buy only one album it should be @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album. #TownieTix
  18. I’ve never tweeted, Facebook posted or instagramed this much about anything except for @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  19. Calling all #Townie. Let’s help @OTownOfficial reach #1 on iTunes Chart. #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  20. I was falling asleep in church but so worth it to listen to @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album three times last night. #townietix
  21. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles should be nominated for #AlbumOftheYear because it is the #AlbumOfTheYear #TownieTix
  22. Hopefully all of us tweeting #LinesAndCircles it should get trended. @OTownOfficial #TownieTix
  23. @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album makes you want to get up and dance. #TownieTix
  24. Here is a shout out to best boys ever @OTownOfficial. #LinesAndCircles #townietix
  25. All this tweeting about @OTownOfficial #LinesAndCircles album is so worth it if it means I get to see them in concert. #townietix

Instagram (14 Pics)

  1. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album out in Amazon. Go buy it. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFsm4rTPqM/
  2. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album is available for download at Amazon. Download it today. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFsxQxzPqn/
  3. I was lying in bed last night listening to @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFs5FXTPq4/
  4. Here is my pre-order of @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFtE4CTPrR/
  5. Here is an @otownofficial bracelet I made when I heard the #linesandcircles album was coming out. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFtPo8zPrm/
  6. Here is the email I got for @otownofficial #linesandcircles album preorder. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFtWIlTPr4/
  7. You can buy @otownofficial #linesandcircles album at Best Buy too. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFtd4yTPsD/
  8. Skydive is the first single from @otownofficial #linesandcircles album. Great song. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFtw4FzPsp/
  9. Here is @otownofficial #linesandcircles album on my iPhone. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFt5OcTPtH/
  10. @otownofficial #LinesAndCircles album out now at Amazon, iTunes and Best Buy. Buy it today. #TownieTix http://instagram.com/p/sFuDvVTPtg
  11. Trying to win @otownofficial tix by promoting their album #linesandcircles #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFuSHYzPuA/
  12. My dog who loves @otownofficial #linesandcircles album too. #TownieDog #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFudiGzPuf/
  13. Here’s @otownofficial #linesandcircles album downloaded from Amazon onto my laptop. #townietix http://instagram.com/p/sFuqgHzPu4/

So excited that I won. I tweeted with the girl in charge of this contest and she said that I can buy the O-Town t-shirt, go o the venue and go to the Meet & Greet line right before the show and show them the t-shirt. I can have O-Town sign it and take a picture with them. I want to do this so I am going to buy the t-shirt. It is $33 with $5.68 shipping for a total of $38.68. Since I don’t have to pay for a ticket I’m definitely doing this. I really want to meet Erik-Michael. He is my favorite. I am an #EManiac.

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