friendship bracelets: stripe


BEFORE YOU BEGIN know how to make a Right Hand Double Knot for this particular pattern.

1. Pick 4 different colors.

2. Align string, fold in half, and tie knot 1/2 from fold forming a loop.

3. Attach your string to something using a safety pin or attach to a clipboard.

4. Separate strings from 1 to 8. Strings 1 & 5 are the same color, 2 & 6 are the same color, 3 & 7 are the same color and 4 & 8 are the same color.

5. Hold string #1 with your right hand and string #2 with your left hand, loop string #1 in front making a number "4".

6. While holding string #1 & #2, continue the steps to form a right handed double knot. Take string #1 and make the same right handed double knot around string #3. Continue to tie right handed double knots on string #4 thru #8 with string #1 until you finish the row. When you completed tying the double knot on string #10 string #1 become string #10.

7. When your have completed step 6 you have finished your first stripe! Repeat steps 5 and 6 with your new #1 string and watch your bracelet grow!

8. When you think your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist hold three strings #1 #2 #3 with your left hand and three strings #8 #9 #10 with your right hand. Braid the three strings from your left hand and right hand with the four strings left in the middle.

9. Take the braided strings and tie two basic knots at the end of your friendship bracelet.

10. Unpin or unclip your friendship bracelet and cut off the excess braided section. Your friendship bracelet is ready to wear or share with your best friend or mom.