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TVTag was formerly GetGlue. It is where you can add what TV show or movie you are currently watching. You can get a sticker for some movies and TV Shows.

I had put a widget on this site that displays all the stickers that I received. Recently I got notice from TVTag that they are shutting down. Both the online site and phone apps will no longer be working. I went ahead and removed the TVTag widget from this site.

New Layout and Scrapbooks

I am currently a fan of a group called The Filharmonic. I am absolutely in love with them. I listen to their music everyday. As of lately, I am always on Twitter tweeting about them. For these reasons I have decided to make a new layout featuring The Filharmonic. In the process of doing so I found that my scrapbooks were not loading.

The reason for this was that over a year ago the website Scrapblog, the website where I had my scrapbooks, were bought out by Mixbook. In this process I had lost all my scrapbooks. I then spent the whole day searching online for images and recreating the scrapbooks. They should all be working except for one. I’m hoping to have this done sometime this week.

I hope you all like the new layout and enjoy the scrapbooks. If you do not like the current layout you are free to change it. By all means I will not be offended. There are six to choose from and I hope that you can find one that you like.

LFO Skin

I’ve redid the LFO skin. I liked the layout but not the way that I did the menu. I had originally wanted roll-over images but after looking at them in different browsers I noticed that the images didn’t look how I wanted them to when they rolled over. I have since changed that, the header and the footer and kept pretty much everything else the same. The colors are still the same as well. I hope you all like this better than the roll-over images.

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