... to Simple World, the personal site run by Joy. This site was prevously known as Green Fairy and was opened sometime in January 2003. Please enjoy your stay!


New Layout

I have skinned the site and have added a new layout.

Rich Cronin of the group LFO died September 8, 2010 of leukemia. I remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s listening to LFO. I have both of their albums. I was on facebook one day and saw on the sidebar that he had died of leukemia and decided to skin my site and create a new layout featuring him and LFO. The new layout should be the default layout. Hope you all like the layout. I’ve kept the color theme of green.

New Layout

I created a new layout because I recently bought a new domain. The old domain (filipinaprincess.com) was hacked into and I decided to purchase a new domain. Upon doing this I also decided to create a new layout. The new layout is still green but features Marie from The Aristocrates movie. I hope you all like the new layout.

New Layout

I’ve created a new layout. My favorite color is green so I decided to do a layout featuring Keroppi (a Sanrio character). I’m a huge fan of Sanrio, especially Hello Kitty and Keroppi. This was a layout I had originally when I first started the website but it didn’t look good because of the way I coded it. It would show up good in IE but very bad in Firefox. Now it works for both. Hope you all like this new layout.

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