... to Simple World, the personal site run by Joy. This site was prevously known as Green Fairy and was opened sometime in January 2003. Please enjoy your stay!


New Layout

I created a new layout because I recently bought a new domain. The old domain (filipinaprincess.com) was hacked into and I decided to purchase a new domain. Upon doing this I also decided to create a new layout. The new layout is still green but features Marie from The Aristocrates movie. I hope you all like the new layout.

New Layout

I’ve created a new layout. My favorite color is green so I decided to do a layout featuring Keroppi (a Sanrio character). I’m a huge fan of Sanrio, especially Hello Kitty and Keroppi. This was a layout I had originally when I first started the website but it didn’t look good because of the way I coded it. It would show up good in IE but very bad in Firefox. Now it works for both. Hope you all like this new layout.

Movie and CD Lists

I’ve added a script that will make adding movies and cds I own to the lists a whole lost easier. Plus I can also add more information about each cd and movie. There is also a way to add links to the cd or movie online so you can find more information about the movie then what I’ve provided.

I’ve started the movie list but have yet to finish it. The CD list is on its way. I’ve yet to upload the files and add the cds to the list.

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