... to Simple World, the personal site run by Joy. This site was prevously known as Green Fairy and was opened sometime in January 2003. Please enjoy your stay!


Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week but I have been busy. I have been transferring all listings from my old domain to my new one. I mentioned my mom signed up with a new broker, Coldwell Banker. Well they want my mom to do a lot of reorganizing in the house. Like get rid of some things and move things around so I have been busy doing that. I am back to update on what is going on with me. I’ve just updated on how the concert was. Will be updating more.

Cute News Comment Form

I was able to show the comments form below the news/updates and the comments when I had my *N Sync fansite. I had removed the form due to it being spammed. I had used cutenews without the form for 2 years now. I just purchased this new domain recently and have set up cutenews as my blog. Now I cannot get the form to show up below the blog and comments. I can’t get it to show up at all. Anyone know how to get it to show up? Also does anyone know how to add one of those security thing where a person has to type some text in order for the form to work? If anyone know how to do these please email me at joy@filipinaprincess.com


I want to welcome all to this domain. I just recently bought this new domain. I hope you all like the name I chose. I think it describes me perfectly. I am a Filipina girl and I am a princess. Well that’s what people in my family call me. They say I am there princess. I just put the two together and the name came together.

I am still in the process of moving all my listings over from my old domain (nsyncfandemonium.com) to this one. I am also giving away some of my listings. I am giving away the ones that I am not a huge fan of anymore but am still a fan of because I have over 100 listings and don’t want to have to transfer over all. It won’t be that hard as I still have the same host and everything and will be keeping the databases as they are and will just upload all listings. I will also change the layouts of some as they need new layouts. I still have to make some buttons/codes for my collective and for this site as I have a new domain. If you would like to own any of my listings head on over to the adoptions page and apply. I have set the date for applying to January 7th but if no one applies I might extend the date because as I transfer over all fanlistings I might adopt out some more fanlistings. I am gonna give up several fanlistings because there are some that I would like to apply for.

I just finished changing the design of all the skins on the collective. There are 8 skins. I also finished the layout for this site. I decided to make a Keroppi layout because green is my favorite color and I just love Sanrio. Don’t most girls do!!! I just couldn’t think of anything green that is better than Keroppi. he is just so too cute.

I have 7 fanlistings that I was approved for but have yet to create. I also have 2 fanlistings that I was approved to adopt but I’ve yet to create those as well. I’ve been behind because I was away for the holidays visiting my cousin in Arizona with my mom and my dog. I was also busy getting the skins done on my collective and getting the layout done over here. I will start working on these fanlistings tomorrow.

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