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Book List

I am in the process of adding a book list to the site. It would be a page that would list all books that I’ve read (all of which I still own). I do love to read and have read many books throughout my life time. So don’t worry if the list is too long. Will be adding more to the list as I read them. The list will be in alphabetical order starting with author’s last name and then alphabetically by book title.

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past week but I have been busy. I have been transferring all listings from my old domain to my new one. I mentioned my mom signed up with a new broker, Coldwell Banker. Well they want my mom to do a lot of reorganizing in the house. Like get rid of some things and move things around so I have been busy doing that. I am back to update on what is going on with me. I’ve just updated on how the concert was. Will be updating more.

Cute News Comment Form

I was able to show the comments form below the news/updates and the comments when I had my *N Sync fansite. I had removed the form due to it being spammed. I had used cutenews without the form for 2 years now. I just purchased this new domain recently and have set up cutenews as my blog. Now I cannot get the form to show up below the blog and comments. I can’t get it to show up at all. Anyone know how to get it to show up? Also does anyone know how to add one of those security thing where a person has to type some text in order for the form to work? If anyone know how to do these please email me at joy@filipinaprincess.com

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