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2007 Grammy’s

I hope all were able to see the Grammys and see Justin perform. He performed a solo song of What Goes Around…Comes Around and also a song with the winner of the contest of an unsigned artist to perform with him on the Grammays. He was up for 4 awards and he gave out one award.

I didn’t get to see it as my satellite is down and someone will not be here to fix it until Tuesday morning. My mom’s bf taped it for us but we won’t get to watch it until this weekend because it is taped on his dvr and he doesn’t have a vcr to transfer it to tape. After I watch it I will try and post here what the performances was like and whether he won or not in each category he was nominated in.


My mom was able to sell our house here in California with the new realtor, Codwell Banker. The people who bought it was a couple with 2 young daughters. They were the first people to come see the house the first week it was put on the market for sale with the new realtor. They didn’t have an appointment but my mom let me let them come in and see the house. We sold the house to the for $590,500 plus $2,000 credit for inspection/repairs.

My mom was able to buy a house in Aurora, Illinois. It is about 3 walking blocks from my aunt’s house. Our house is the same layout as theirs but with everything the opposite. My mom bought the house for $154,000. It is a small townhome but big enough for the two of us plus our dog.

We have the closing of our California home on March 1st. We will rent a Penske truck and my mom’s bf will drive that. My mom will drive my car with me and my dog. We will start driving on March 2nd and arrive in Illinois on March 5th. We will then leave the truck with my aunt and stay at a hotel. My mom’s bf will fly back on March 6. We have a walkthrough of the Illinois house on March 8. The closing is on March 9. We will paint on March 10 and move in on March 10.

I am so excited because get to be with my 2 most favorite people/dogs in the whole wide world, my dog and my cousin.


Last January 19 was my mom and my dog’s birthday. My mom, her friend and I went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I had lamb chops. After dinner we went back to our place and I gave my dog some lamb chop bones. Then my mom blew out the candles and we sand happy birthday to her and to my dog and then we ate cake.

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