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Grandmother and Moving

My grandmother passed away last May and right before she died she told my mom that she wanted her and me to move to Illinois to live near my aunt. She is the youngest and was always the favorite of my grandmother. We have been trying to sell this house since July but we are having no luck. It is not a good time to sell. We were gonna sell this house and use the money from the sell of this house to buy another one in Illinois. A house that is brand new, custom built. Because we couldn’t sell this we are not gonna buy that house.

We are changing brokers because the contract expired with the one we had. We are gonna go with brokers from Coldwell Banker. They are a husband and wife team who having been doing this together for over 25 years. Every house they tried to sell were sold for asking price or about no more than $20,000 less than asking price. Hopefully we can sell and move to Illinois.

I am looking forward to moving there because of my cousin. She will be 10 in April and every year since her 2nd birthday I have gone to Illinois to visit her during break break to help celebrate her birthday. She and I get along so well. We are practically like sisters. She had her 1st birthday in New York and I was there since I was living there at the time.

I hope all can pray that this house gets sold soon. It will be available for sell starting January 22.

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