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Rich Cronin—R.I.P.

I forgot to post here that last September 8 was the one year anniversary of Rich Cronin’s death. He died last year of leukemia. He was only 36 years old. Rich was such a great singer and will always be loved by his family, friends, and fans.


I was on youtube.com today looking at music videos of LFO from back in the days and I noticed there were videos from LFOVIDEOS. These were videos created by Brad Fischetti and Devin Lima of LFO. In one of their videos they talk about the end of LFO and them breaking up. In this video Brad mentions the URLs of where you can find all three of them on facebook, myspace, or youtube. He mentions that he and Devin have a youtube page called Xiles that could be found on http://youtube.com/xilesvideos. They have webcams of them singing songs that they have written. Brad also mentioned that they have a facebook page that can be found at http://tinyurl.com/xiles7. I went there and they have a post on their facebook page about two christmas songs they wrote and a link to where you can download them. I downloaded them and listened to them. I have to say they are great. Please go and download the two songs. You can download them at http://xiles.bandcamp.com/.

When you go to that page you will click on the link Free Download. A form will pop-up and you fill out the form. Then you will get an email. In the email you click on the link and then you can download a zip file from the site. When you open the zip file there is an image of a hand drawn version of what the album cover would look like. Then you get an mp3 file for each song. Then there is also a pdf file which contains the lyrics to both songs, some drawings and writtings from both of them, and lyrics sheet to the songs that were handwritten by Brad Fischetti.

All of these stuff were from last year. I didn’t find anything from this year. Not sure if they are still around or if they will release an album with those songs they wrote. The last youtube video was 10 months ago. Hopefully there will be more this year or next.

Also you should check out Rich Cronin’s solo album, Billion Dollar Sound. It is such a great album. You can purchase the mp3s from Amazon. They don’t sell the album. No one actually does. I couldn’t find it anywhere. But on Amazon they have a section where you can download mp3s. You just purchase the mp3s or the whole album and after you checkout and pay you will be able to download them. You can only download them one time. After that you will have to purchase again. After I downloaded them I burned them to a cd so that if something happens to my computer or my MP3 player I still have the songs and don’t have to buy them again. Please go to Amazon and check out the songs. You can listen to clips of all the songs on the album. There are some songs on the albums that sound like songs off of LFO’s albums. They have the same tune and style of singing. Just by listening to them you can tell right away which LFO song it sounds like. You don’t have to purchase the whole album but it would be alot cheaper to purchase the whole album. Each song is $0.99 but the whole album is only $7.99. There are 18 songs and at $0.99 a song that would be close to $18.00. Even if you purchase only haf the songs that would be close to $9.00. I recommend buying the whole album because all songs are great. You won’t be disappointed. It is worth the money spent.

Devin Lima also has an album out. He and his band, The Cadbury Diesel, came out with an album called Mozart Popart. You can buy the album on Amazon. It is also a great album.

New Layout

I have skinned the site and have added a new layout.

Rich Cronin of the group LFO died September 8, 2010 of leukemia. I remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s listening to LFO. I have both of their albums. I was on facebook one day and saw on the sidebar that he had died of leukemia and decided to skin my site and create a new layout featuring him and LFO. The new layout should be the default layout. Hope you all like the layout. I’ve kept the color theme of green.