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I can’t believe time has gone by fast. It will be my birthday again tomorrow. I will be turning 32. Wow! I’m getting old.

I will be going for Mexican food for dinner with my mom, aunt and cousin. Next week we will go see Divergent as part of my birthday. I’ve been wanting to see this but it doesn’t come out until the day after my birthday so we will go see it Monday night since my mom works during the weekend (she works in retail at the mall).

So excited! My mom is going to take me to get prescription sunglasses for my birthday. I’ve been wanting them because I can’t see without glasses so I’ve never worn non-prescription sunglasses. I’ve always used those clip-on ones but they don’t really look good but better than not wearing glasses. I’ve seen online the type where you buy the prescription eyeglasses and they put these magnetic things on them and then you can buy the magnetic glasses for sun, driving and watching 3D movies and these attach to the eyeglasses by magnet. They look like you are wearing sunglasses. You can’t tell that you have clip-ons over your eyeglasses.

I’ve also seen the kind where they cut the clip-on to match exactly the shape of your eyeglasses and they add the clips at the two nose bridge areas and when you attach to your eyeglasses you can’t tell that your wearing clip-on sunglasses and these can bend and still not break.

When I get my prescription sunglasses I will post a picture.

It is already 2:06 AM so I will say goodbye and log off now. I should be asleep already. I am up late because I was working on some fanlisting stuff…fixing paginations, creating fanlistings and fixing members list pages on every fanlisting I own. I changed how I display the members list so I have to go in to the control panel and change the template for every listing and then I had to add the pagination to the css page of every listing. It is a lot of work but at least it looks so much more better. As I am doing this I am also changing layouts to some of my listings and adding more content to them.


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