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Laptop/Notebook Computer

My mom’s ex-boyfriend, that one that I told you got me the Justin Timberlake concert tickets, is getting me a laptop/notebook computer. I had one before. It was a Sony Vaio one but the hard drive crashed and everytime I use it it would work alright for a few weeks than it would just make a weird noise and shut down. When I start it again it would start up, then restart, and freeze or it would start up and ask me if I wanted to start normal or in safe mode and no matter which I choose it would restart and the freeze.The only way to fix it is to install Windows again by deleting all files and installing everything again. Then after everything is installed it would work a few weeks and have the same problem.

The new laptop/notebook computer I am considering buying is either:
- Dell Inspiron laptop/notebook computer with Intel Core Duo processor, Windows XP Media Center, 14.1 inch wide screen, 1GB memory, 120GB hard drive, 24x CD burner/DVD drive, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator video card, Integrated Audio sound option, 85 WHr 9-cell lithium ion battery, dell wireless card, and dell wireless bluetooth.

  • Sony Vaio VGN-C190 laptop/notebook computer with Spring Green color front/gray bezel color inside, Intel Celeron M processor, Windows Media Center, 13.3 inch wide screen, 1GB memory, 40GB hard drive,CD burner/DVD drive, large capacity lithium ion battery, wireless card, and standard photo/music/video software.

My first choice is the Sony Vaio one since my other laptop/notebook computer was a Sony Vaio one and I like that I could have a green color design on the front. Green is my absolute favorite color.


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