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Music Title Musician Year Genre Format
CooleyHighHarmony Boyz II Men 1991 R&B C/MP3-D
Full Circle Boyz II Men 2005 R&B CD/MP3
II Boyz II Men 2004 R&B C/MP3-D
Legacy: Greatest Hits Collection Boyz II Men 2005 R&B CD/MP3
Love Boyz II Men 2009 R&B MP3-D
Motown A Journey Through Hitsville Boyz II Men 2007 Motown MP3-D
Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya Boyz II Men 2000 R&B CD/MP3
Throwback Boyz II Men 2004 R&B MP3-D
Butterfly Carey, Mariah 1997 Pop C/MP3-D
Charmbracelet Carey, Mariah 2002 Pop MP3-D
Daydream Carey, Mariah 1995 Pop C/MP3-D
E=MC2 Carey, Mariah 2008 Pop CD/MP3
Emotions Carey, Mariah 2008 Pop MP3-D
Mariah Carey Carey, Mariah 1990 Pop C/MP3-D
Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel Carey, Mariah 2009 Pop MP3-D
Merry Christmas Carey, Mariah 1994 Pop C/MP3-D
Merry Christmas II You Carey, Mariah 2010 Pop MP3-D
MTV Unplugged Carey, Mariah 2008 Pop C/MP3-D
Music Box Carey, Mariah 1993 Pop C/MP3-D
Rainbow Carey, Mariah 2008 Pop CD/MP3
Feel Good Carey, Todd 2020 Pop MP3
Aaron Carter Carter, Aaron 1998 Pop MP3-D
Aaron's Party: Come and Get It Carter, Aaron 2000 Pop MP3-D
Another Earthquake! Carter, Aaron 2011 Pop MP3-D
Schizophrenic Chasez, JC 2003 Pop CD/MP3
City High City High 2001 Rap CD/MP3
Hits Collins, Phil 1998 Pop MP3
Billion Dollar Sound Cronin, Rich 2008 Pop Rock MP3-D
Time of Our Lives Cyrus, Miley 2008 Pop MP3-D
Greatest Hits: Taylor Dane Dane, Taylor 1995 Pop CD/MP3
All the Way...A Decade of Song Dion, Celine 1999 Pop CD/MP3
Falling Into You Dion, Celine 1996 Pop CD/MP3
Curtain Call Eminem 2005 Rap MP3-D
Eminem Show, the Eminem 2002 Rap CD/MP3
Encore Eminem 2005 Rap MP3-D
Marshall Mathers LP Eminem 2000 Rap CD/MP3
Recovery Eminem 2010 Rap MP3-D
Relapse Eminem 2009 Rap MP3-D
Slim Shady LP, the Eminem 1999 Rap CD/MP3
Very Best of En Vogue En Vogue 2001 R&B MP3-D
Greatest Hits: Gloria Estefan Estefan, Gloria 1992 Pop CD/MP3
Evan and Jaron Evan & Jaron 2000 Pop CD/MP3
A Year Without Rain Gomez, Selena 2010 Pop MP3-D
Greatest Hits: Amy Grant Grant, Amy 2007 Pop CD/MP3
American Idiot Green Day 2004 Rock CD-C/MP3
3 Car Garage Hanson 1998 Pop MP3-D
Anthem Hanson 2013 Pop MP3-D
Middle of Nowhere Hanson 1997 Pop MP3-D
Shout It Out Hanson 2010 Pop MP3-D
Snowed In Hanson 1997 Pop MP3-D
Total Music: 284

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