story of my life

This is just a little story of how I came about leading up to what I am currently doing. It will be updated as my life goes on.

   My mom was born in the Philippines. She was setup with a Filipino man by her parents and they were married. It was what you call an arranged marriage. Later they divorced and in 1980 she moved with my aunt to California where she met a Filipino man. They were later married in 1981. In March of 1982 while 7 months pregnant with me she and my father were driving home after going out to dinner and got into a car accident. My mother was rushed to the hospital where they had to do a c- section on her or else she and I would have been dead. Since they took my mother out of the car first my father died.

   My mother than decided to move to New York to live in Manhattan. After a few months she moved to Ohio. In the same year she moved back to New york to stay with her cousin. Then she moved to the apartment my uncle was living at. He had come to New York a few years before my mom came to the United States. We lived at the apartment in Rego Park with my uncle and grandmother. Another uncle came from the Philippines to live with us. All the while we lived there she had 3 boyfriends. I went to Montessori school for pre-school. I then went to Our Lady of the Angeles school. In that school they had me take a test to see if I was to be put in kindergarten or in first grade. They told me that I was to skip kindergarten and go to first grade. I got good grades. When I was in 3rd grade they told me that I had to repeat 3rd grade again even though my grades showed that I could advance into 4th grade. My grades were all good. They were just doing that becuase I didn't go to kindergarten and they just wanted my mom's money. My mom took me out of that school and sent me to P.S. 102. I started in that school in 3rd grade. That school only went until 5th grade so I graduated that school in 5th grade. During 5th grade I was in the chorus club (singing). During this time my mom and I moved into our own apartment diagonally across from where we were living. We lived there for a little until one of my uncle came to live with us. My mom was also dating a 4th guy. After graduating P.S. 102 I went to Ascension school. During this time my mom, uncle, and I moved across the street from where we were living to a condominium where I finally got my own room. I graduated that school and went to St. Agnes Academic High School.

   St. Agnes is an all girls school. I tried out for the basketball team my first two years there but didn't make it. I ended up joining the Multi-culture Club. It is a club where you go on trips to different clutural events and you eat foods from different countries. One place we went to was to the Jewish Heritage Museum. In my junior year I did the walk for breast cancer. I also joined the multi-culture club again, the art club, the Future Teachers of America club (club for people who want to become a teacher), library club, and Teens For Life club (club for those against abortion). I was also awarded a pin and certificate for doing over the required number of hours for community service. I was also choosen to do something for spanish. I don't remember what it was but I had to go to another high school and answer questions on a paper. It was like taking a test in spanish class. I got a pin and a certificate for my participation. The reason I was choosen was because I got the highest grade in spanish class.

   In March of 1999 my mom and her 4th boyfriend finally got married after 9 years of dating. In June of the same year we moved to upstate NY (Rockland County). I left my high school after 3 years and went to Ramapo High School. In the fall of 1999 we bought a labrador retriever named Leo. After graduating I went to Dominican College to study teaching. I dormed at that school. I met my first boyfriend online while I was staying there. My grades dropped because of this and I was missing lots of classes. I ended up going back home the following year and attending SUNY Rockland Community College where I met my friend Phoung. We also got another dog in 2001, a golden retriever named Mikey. I continued to do teaching but my grades weren't any better. My mom then told me to take up computers because I was always online or playing games on the computer. The following year, 2002, I changed my major to Computer Information Systems (CSI). That year my grades went up so much. I had a 1.something gpa and it went up to a 3.something. I was on academic probation to getting mostly As and a few Bs in my classes. I then decided to stick to my major. I was also invloved in creating websites as a hobby and loved doing that that I decided to do that. I took classes that invloved in creating websites like, HTML, PHP/MySQL, and JavaScript. I also took Java and Visual Basics. I graduated in 2004 with an associate's degree in CIS. In this same year my mom and my step-father got a divorce. My mom then decided to move to California to be closer to her new boyfriend.

   Her boyfriend is a guy who is cousins with the husband of one of my mom's cousin. He was at the hospital the day I was born. They new each other before that. We stayed with him for awhile until they bought a house together in Alhambra, CA. We had our golden retriever with us. The labrador retriever stayed with my step-father. I attended Pasadena City College in Pasadena, CA. In January of 2005 I met a guy online and we started going out. I broke up with my previous boyfriend from New York. In May of 2006 my grandmother passed away. She was living in the Philippines at the time. Before she died she had said that she wanted all her kids to come see her. My mom went there from California, One of my uncle from New York moved to the Philippines to take care of her. The other one went there. Another uncle came from Germany. My aunt from Chicago couldn't go because of her daughter. She is 9 and would not let her go without her and she is too young to go to the funeral if there was to be one. When my mom was there my grandmother told her at the hospital that she wants her and I to move to Chicago to be closer to my aunt. She is the youngest in the family and my grandmothers favorite.

   We decided to build a house in Plano, IL. My mom and I were gonna build a house and right in front of our house my aunt, uncle, and cousin were gonna build their house. We were gonna fence the two houses in one big fence. The closing of that house was in January of 2007. We couldn't sell our house in California so we couldn't make the closing in Illinois. We ended up giving up the two houses and losing our down payment. My uncle lost $5,000 and my mom lost $15,000. We finally sold our house in California in March of 2007 and we bought a townhome in Aurora, IL, 3 walking blocks away from where my aunt, uncle, and cousin live. It is in the same community called Liberty Square. This house may be smaller than our previous 2 houses, 5 bedrooms,2 1/2 bathrooms in New York and 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in California, and have only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom upstairs and 1 bathroom downstairs but we love it because we are close to family.

   I attended North Central College in Naperville, IL and graduated June of 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I would love to have a website where people can sign up for hosting and go to so they can order a website package where I would create a website for them (whether coding only or I code and install) or I would install a blog, message board, picture gallery, or something for them, or I would create a site for them that I would maintain like I didn't create the Mia and Kompany website but I do help to maintain it. I add pictures of the jewelry she makes and I also add the pictures of all the magazines that the jewelry is featured in. I would like to do this and get paid for doing this. Right now I maintain this site and the Green Hype Fanlistings Collective and all of it's fanlistings, namelistings, hatelistings, and physical fanlistings.