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O-Town Game Day

On February 26, Sonja-Leigh (@otown_rewind) did a O-Town game day where O-Town fan played games all day on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I played. The game where I won a photo was:

I’m thinking of a lyric from @OTownOfficial Rewind, what is it?

Rebecca (@rebecca939) and I were the only two playing this game. It was a hard one as it was a long song and could be any lyric.

The lyrics Rebecca and I posted were:

Me: When love was a drug we couldn’t get enough of each other baby
Rebecca: What if I told you “Im not the man I used to be” What if I told you “just give me one shot and then we’ll see”

Both were wrong.

Me: You’re a cocaine heroine. Where the hell do I begin? You took me places that I never ever never been. We’re cookin blue bitch.
Rebecca: Youre straight from the stars, I said Id never try it, now I need more and more…

Both were wrong again.

Me: Stop, rewind, pause, why?
Rebecca: Lets turn back the clock now…

Still both were wrong.

Me: Ask Mr. Pinkman
Rebecca: Bring it back

Still not right.

Rebecca: We could rewind
Me: Let’s just rewind

Let’s just rewind was correct and I won a photo.

O-Town Scavenger Hunt

On February 27 at 8:30 PM Sonja-Leigh (@otown_rewind) did a O-Town scavenger hunt game for the 13 winners of the previous day’s games. The winner of the scavenger hunt got a big mystery prize not know until the winner got it in the mail. The scavenger consisted of Sonja-Leigh posting a clue as to where to find the first clue. You use that clue to find the first clue and when you find the clue you have to find the answer to it and when you have an answer you DM it on Twitter or PM it on Facebook to Sonja-Leigh. If it is correct she will give you the next clue to find the next clue. If you are wrong she gives you a clue until you get it right. The first one to answer the fifth clue correctly first wins. I lost by two seconds. I answered the fifth one two seconds after the winner answered it.

The clue to find the first clue was: You thought I was going to let you do this without a clue as to where to go didn’t you?? Clue coming in 1. 2.It’s 8:30 and I am here with your clue.. Find your clue in this special place, under a tab who’s got a picture with a RED Z and A!..

You had to go to the O-Town Rewind website and find the clue. When you find the picture Erik-Michael took when he was stuck in traffic driving from AZ to LA you scroll to the bottom and read the clue. The clue was: SCAVENGER HUNT #1
Hehe you found me! Good job! I am a sneaky person and it may be hard to get these right. I apologize in advance! Please remember that you may NOT ask for hints!
So here we go:
For your first quest please find me this request. It’s a video that you’ll wake up to. You can find the guys wearing Green, Red, White, Grey and Navy Blue.
Send me the link in a PM on Facebook / Twitter and when you are there I will tell you if you are ready to move to another!

The answer was the video of O-Town when they performed All or Nothing on Good Morning America.

When you get that correct you get another clue: Correct! You got my rhyme! Now head back to the same site.. Search a tab, I am feeling a bit thirsty for some songs!

You have to go to the lyrics page on the site. The clue was: Scavenger Hunt #2
Ohhh you are really good! Congrats to you! I thought I was sneaky but I guess not sneaky enough. For your next task find me this gram. He’s under a tree and it seems to be making the girls quite thirsty!. Bring me this gram in a PM OR A DM!

The answer was a picture of Jacob Underwood under a Christmas tree.

When you get that correct you get another clue: Ok here is your clue. Find the next clue under a tab that holds their newest single…

You have to go to the Chasin’ After You photos page on the site. The clue was: Scavenger Hunt #3
Woohoo! You are doing great! Now for this next clue:
Three guys playing guitars is quite a sight. You would watch this video on ________________at night.. What video and song am I?

The answer was a video was O-Town performing From the Damage on Teen Nick.

When you get that correct you get another clue: Correct! To find your next clue head back to our site. I’m feeling a bit old school…

You find this in the Making the Band video page of the site. The clue was: Scavenger Hunt #4
You’re almost to the surprise! In your hand may be the BIG prize!!
For this next clue this guy likes to tease his fans. Leaving them thirsty with the responses they get. Find me this flirty tweet!

The answer was one of the questions Erik-Michael answered on O-Town’s Twitter account during his O-Town takeover week.
KendellAnn @kendellann
@OTownOfficial how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
O-Town @OTownOfficial
@kendellann as many as you’d like

When you get that correct you get the final clue: This next one you will find under something special to me. It’s a tab filled with memories.

You find this in the tour memories page of the site. The final clue was: SCAVENGER HUNT #5
YOU ARE ALMOST DONE!!! Can you smell that prize? ;)

For your last clue I want you to find me this video gem as it is a one of a kind performance.
Here is a lyric, what song and video am I?

I’m so excited, am I invited?
There is a party, it’s in my pants…

What O-Town member sang this? Find me this gem!

The answer was a video of Erik-Michael performing Press at Total Pandemonium: Explosion in 2008.

The winner got a set of several 4Ă—4s, a note and an IOU for a concert ticket. The winner was Desiree (@Desiree_Rivera2).

Erik-Michael Estrada Twitter Chat

Tonight Erik-Michael Estrada of O-Town took over O-Town’s twitter account and did a chat where he answered fans questions. Below were my questions and tweets and his responses to some of them.

Me: Favorite song to sing live?

Me: Any chance on coming back to IL this tour?

Me: I love Lines and Circles. Any chance you will be writing more songs for a future album?

Me: Me too. I guess we have many things in common…both New Yorkers & both an only child.

Me: Since MTB have you ever kept in contact with your father?

Me: Favorite thing about being back with O-Town?

Me: When can we expect your movie to be out?

Me: I just want to say I love you and thanks for this pic.
Erik-Michael Estrada

Me: What country would you love to do a concert at?

Me: Favorite venue to perform at?

Me: Any chance you will answer one of my questions or just say hi to me. I love you.

Me: Since we are both from NY, what is one thing you miss about NY?

Me: If you could have anyone alive open for you this tour who would it be and why?

Me: Describe your dream girl in 3 words?

Me: Where are you Erik-Michael? How can you leave without saying anything like a thanks or good night or something. #ComeBackEME
Erik-Michael: I’m here… Had to reset comp. U guys are blowing me up ova hea lol
Me: I’m so glad you are back. We were all missing you.
Me: I’m glad you are back. You gave everyone a good scare. We didn’t know what happened to you. Glad your alright.

Me: Wow my favorite too. Another thing we have in common.

Me: If you could have anyone still alive open for you this tour who would it be and why?

Me: Since we are both from NY, what is the one thing you miss most about NY?

Me: What is your favorite venue to perform at?

Me: Next time I see you I want you to serenade that to me. #EManiac #ILoveEME

Me: Did you leave to restart your computer again? #ComeBackAgainEME

Me: Erik-Michael I can’t wait to see what you and the other boys will be doing later. Doing anything for the Grammys?
Erik-Michael: we’re out now!!
Me: How about a pic?

Erik-Michael: *running in* I missed you guys so much!! #redcarpetproblems
Me: We all missed you too. Hopefully you are back for good and won’t be gone for awhile. #WeLoveEME

Me: Just another thing we have in common…both New Yorkers, are an only child, love Twizzlers and Blockheads.

Erik-Michael: I’m in a dark corner of this club chatting with my peeps, cuz I’m bout dat lyfe!!
Me: Wish I could be there with you. #ILoveEME

Me: Mine too. I love Michael Jordan. Right now I love Kobe Bryant.

Me: I don’t watch that show. I prefer to watch Switched at Birth. I’m a huge #Bemmett fan.

Me: Where can I get an application? I already tweeted a pic of you and me. That pic should count. It’s not a headshot though.

Me: Please come back to IL & do a m&g. I didn’t get my shirt signed when you were here in December & I still want my shirt signed.

Me: You never answered my question about when is your movie coming out. I still want to know.

Me: I love the Saved By the Bell skit that @jimmyfallon did with the cast.

He didn’t answer any of my questions but he did reply to two of my tweets. Yay! I’m too excited that I may not be able to sleep or I may sleep and have sweet dreams about him. I love him so much. I thank him for responding to my tweet to let us all know what happened to him. He gave us all a scare and we all thought something bad might have happened to him. I’m a happy girl or woman right now.

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